About Us

About Hunter BottlingSince 2003 we have bottled too many cases to accurately say. Starting with 1 smaller truck with a 22’ box we added a full size straight truck in 2012 and another in 2015. We currently have 3 trucks running throughout the season, bottling and packaging over 500,000 cases of wine for well over 100 wineries in North America.

It’s my job to know how to get the best bottling result by knowing sterilization, sparging and filtration techniques which will maintain the highest quality of the wine from tank to bottle. I maintain the equipment on a daily basis, keeping it in optimum operating condition.

~  Randy Hemphill

Meet Our Team

Our team has more than 50 years experience in wine bottling industry.

Glenn Hunt

Glenn started in the wine business in 1986 making him the old guy on the team. A background in sales and marketing Glenn wears many different hats for the company but the most important we still don’t know.

Randy Hemphill

Vice President Bottling Operations – An OK golfer but bowling champ

Randy, a founding member of Hunter Bottling has over 30 years’ experience in wine bottling and packaging assembly.

Justin Philp

Lead Operator – The young guy of the group and new father

Justin was the first full time employee hired when we built our second truck. A quick learner by nature with a sensational mechanical ability. Justin’s easy going disposition is a well suited talent for bottling. A valuable asset to our team

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