Bottling Requirements

Winery Requirements

Wine Information Sheet


The Wine Information Sheet must be completed and sent to us no later than 2 weeks prior to your scheduled bottling date. This sheet allows us to understand the volume of wine to be bottled, style of closures, labels, capsules etc. We can then ensure we have all the required change parts needed to complete your bottling.

Download and fill out this document and either email or fax it back to us.


We require dedicated 100 Amp, 208V, 3 phase power with a neutral within 70’ of the trucks bottling location. Preferred set up is a winery installed Hubbell 5100R9W receptacle

If the winery doesn’t have 3 phase power a generator with a minimum 65 kilowatt, 3 phase with a neutral must be rented from your local equipment supply company. We will then wire into the generator

 Wine Fitting/Pump

We use standard 1½ triclover fittings on our pump and bottling truck. We supply 60’ of wine hose from our pump, which sits in the cellar, to our truck. The winery will supply the wine hose from the wine tank to our pump.
For transitioning between wines at the conclusion of a tank the winery should have nitrogen with a regulator to connect to your wine hose. This allows you to push the remaining wine to the mobile


Staffing is one of the most important components to obtaining maximum run speed. The following will allow you to determine the appropriate number of staff required

One winery staff member must be the point person. This individual should be familiar with the location of all bottling components and supplies necessary for the bottling

Typical locations require:

1-Loading the empty glass on the line/dumper
2-placing the completed bottles into the empty cases/packers
1-placing the case sticker on cases and stacking the cases on the pallet/stacker
1 Forklift or pump cart operator. This person can also assist where slowdowns might occur

 Bottling Speed

As a general rule we can bottle 1700-1800 cases per day in 7.5 bottling hours. In calculating the amount, of cases to schedule remove 75 cases from this amount for each wine. As an example if we bottle 5 different wines in a 7.5 hour day we can bottle approximately 1325-1425 cases


About Hunter Bottling
The Production Line

The mobile features an Albagnac Mercure 3 pressure sensitive labeler. This labeler can apply up to 3 labels on a bottle

We can accommodate front and back labels printed on the same roll, or front and back labels printed on separate rolls.   Hunter Bottling preference is the front and back on the same roll.

To ensure maximum efficiency the following specifications are required

  • Labels to be wound in the #4 position, please let us know if additional information is needed
  • A minimum of 1/8” spacing between the labels is required for electronic sensing
  • Maximum outside diameter roll size is 11 inches
  • The core at the center of label roll is 3” in diameter
  • Maximum overall label height is 6”
  • .Minimum overall label height is ¾”
  • Minimum label width is 2”

Tips to maximize production output and minimizing bottling costs

To take advantage of the lowest cost to bottle your wines the mutual goal of both the winery and Hunter Bottling must be to minimize the time the line is not running therefore maximizing the case output per hour. The mobile line has the capabilities to run 250 cases per hour

To ensure maximum efficiency the following recommendations are offered:

Labels printed to bottling line specifications and sized appropriately for the bottle type

The proper amount and type of pallets for stacking the finished goods

Wine should be properly filtered and ready to bottle including sulfur adjustments done the day before

Please make sure you review the technical specifications so you have everything ready for bottling day.

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