What We Bring to the Party

One of three state of the art mobile bottling truck. All mobile units are 40’ in total length and no line is older than 2012.

All trucks feature:Mobile Bottling Truck

  • Orbit Air Rinser-bottles are air rinsed followed by nitrogen sparged (nitrogen supplied by winery)
  • 16 Spout Comet 3200Ng Filler
  • Closure options include- Cork, Stelvin (twist) or new Stelvin Lux
  • Capsules- Tin, Aluminum, Polylam or PVC (heat shrink)
  • Mercury 3 labeler- 3 stations capable of front, back and neck spot applications
  • Ink Jet coder- targets the bottom of the bottle with the date and current time for QC purposes
  • Automatic case taper- automatically tapes the top of the cases with the capability of also taping the bottom if using bulk glass and erecting the cases
  • Datamax Peel and Present Case Sticker Printer-prints a 4” x 10” case
    sticker with winery and wine information. Also capable of printing bar code information if required
  • Pall Integrity Tester- Electronic integrity test of the final filter is performed prior to bottling with print out of the results for the winemakers records
  • Sirius/XM Satellite Radio- to make the bottling more enjoyable for all

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